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Summer Academic Workshop (Lenaghan): Getting Started

Articles about Education

General Library Information for Undergraduates


When I applied to college Northwestern was my first choice
Yes: 10 votes (43.48%)
No: 13 votes (56.52%)
Total Votes: 23
I really wanted to go to Hogwarts
Yes: 16 votes (69.57%)
No: 5 votes (21.74%)
What is Hogwarts?: 2 votes (8.7%)
Total Votes: 23
I prefer to study in the broad area of
Chemistry/Physics/Biology: 4 votes (21.05%)
Engineering/Math/Statistics: 5 votes (26.32%)
Economics/Political Science: 4 votes (21.05%)
Languages and Literatures/History: 2 votes (10.53%)
Performance/Arts: 4 votes (21.05%)
Education/Psychology/Sociology: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 19
I expect classes at Northwestern will be:
like high school but harder: 4 votes (19.05%)
great except for the boring distribution requirements: 0 votes (0%)
challenging in a good way: 13 votes (61.9%)
scary: 4 votes (19.05%)
Total Votes: 21

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