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POLI_SCI 101-6: The Rule of Law Around the World: (Alter)

Strategies and databases for finding additional sources

Try searching in NUsearch, the library's search tool, in the following way, and for Legal Systems, try a similar keyword search, such as:

"legal system" OR "rule of law"     AND      "united states" OR america*

Advanced search in NUsearch shows examples of how to search, such as searching on the phrase legal system in quotes and combining this with the word or plus the phrase rule of law in quotes, which finds either or both of these related phrases.  Combine this with the word and.  Then add additional words like united states or america.

Then limit your dates, formats, online availability, etc. with the facets to the left.

Image shows how you can run a search and then use the additional limits in the left margin to narrow it down further, such as by limiting to a format for reference entries, or a format for book chapters only.  You can also limit to search results that are available online, and limit to date of publication and many other limits.

Try searching in HeinOnline, which provides access to a PDF collection of legal research materials, including law journals, and a wide range of primary sources on the history of Anglo-American law.  Below is an example search:

Image shows a search in Heinonline on supreme people's court, searched as a phrase in quotes, combined with the word and and the word china.  This search finds sources that are about the supreme people's court in china.

Additional Legal Studies sources...