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Northwestern students, faculty, post-docs, and staff can schedule a consultation on managing your online identity or email questions to Jamie Carlstone.

What is Scholarly Identity?

Your scholarly identity is anything online about your research, scholarship, and professional life. Managing your scholarly identity can help you keep organized and get credit for your work. Customize your scholarly identity online to meet your needs and career goals.

Researcher portfolios on ORCID, Google Scholar, Scopus, and Web of Science help manage your publications. Some of these systems integrate with each other, allowing for your works to be automatically updated after publication.

Looking to do consulting work or media interviews? Create a personal website using tools like Squarespace or Wordpress and a professional Twitter account to promote your academic work.

Want to network with other academics? LinkedIn, Researchgate, and are social media websites specifically for professionals.

Professional Websites

There are many options to choose from to create a free professional website, including:

Google Sites