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ORCID: Registration & Authorization



Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to update you about an important development at Northwestern, one intended to support your research efforts and to enhance your professional reputation.

Northwestern recently obtained an institutional license with ORCID, a nonprofit organization that provides a digital identifier to distinguish individual researchers and their work. The ORCID identifier (ORCID iD) is unique to you and remains associated with you over your career to provide a persistent identification, regardless of any institution with which you are affiliated.

Why does this matter?

What this means for you is that your entire professional output is always connected to you. The ORCID iD facilitates a complete record of your scholarly activities, regardless of any personal name changes or changes to your organizational membership.

ORCID can also benefit you by strengthening your publication and grant workflow. Publishers and funding agencies have increasingly employed ORCID as a tool to manage submissions and applications. When a researcher provides an ORCID iD in a grant proposal or a publication submission, the item can be easily associated with that researcher. That linkage can prove especially helpful for individuals with common names, ensuring that scholarly output is correctly associated with the individual rather than another person with the same name.

I strongly encourage you to take advantage of these benefits by registering for an ORCID iD, or if you already have an ORCID iD, connecting it to your Northwestern NetID. Registration or creating a connection is quick (less than a minute) and will enable you to further elevate your research profile on your webpages, in your publication submissions, when you apply for grants, and in any additional research workflow where you wish to receive credit for your efforts.

Register for your existing ORCID iD or connect your existing iD here. Login using your Northwestern Online Passport. Find more information about the ORCID service at Northwestern here, or send comments and questions to the Northwestern ORCID support team.

Jay Walsh,Vice President for Research

Privacy settings

Privacy is a concern for many. ORCID understands that and lets you select how open you'd like your information to be.

Under Account Settings you can set your own level of privacy. There are three choices.


Information marked as "Everyone" can be viewed by anyone who comes to the website or uses the ORCID public API. Data marked as public will also be included in the public data file posted annually by ORCID.

Trusted parties

Information marked as "Trusted Parties" can be seen by any person/ group that you have authorised to connect to your ORCID Record. These connections require that you approve all trusted parties before they see your information; you will be asked if you would like to make a specific connection before they have this capability.

Only me

Information marked as "Private" can only be seen by you. It is also used by ORCID algorithms to help distinguish your identity from another person who may have a similar name, be it in a similar field, or may be confused with you for other reasons. This information is not shared with others.

Read more information about privacy

Register and Connect your ORCID iD

Northwestern faculty, staff and students who wish to get an ORCID iD or associate your ORCID iD with your Northwestern NetID should go to: 

Not sure if you have an ORCID iD? Search for your name here: https//

Disconnect your ORCID from Northwestern

To remove the link between your ORCID iD and your NetID,contact the IT Support Center at


ORCID has symbols to signify the privacy setting for your specific information. Knowing these symbols will make it easier to edit your account.


everyone image- green

Trusted parties

trusted party- yellow

Only me

only me- red

Link Your ORCID iD to Your eRA Commons Profile

Beginning October 1, 2019, the National Institutes of Health, Office of Extramural Research requires ORCID identifiers for individuals supported by institutional research training, career development, and other research education awards. xTrain appointments will not be accepted for agency review if potential appointees do not have an ORCID iD linked to their Electronic Research Administration (eRA) personal profile.

ORCID iDs will also be required for PD/PIs on individual fellowship and career development applications submitted for due dates on or after January 25, 2020.

For information on how to associate your ORCID iD with your eRA Commons Personal Profile go to:  

Questions about ORCID at Northwestern

If you have any questions about ORCID at Northwestern, please contact our ORCID support team.