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Patrice Lumumba and Democratic Republic of Congo

This guide provides a selection of sources on life, assassination and legacy of Lumumba; history, politics and justice in the Congo; Russia and West's involvement and interference.

About The Democratic Republic of Congo

Fast Facts

Capital: Kinshasa.

Current estimated population, about 96 million. 

Area: 2,344,858 sq km (905,355 sq miles).

Ethnic groups: Luba, Kongo, Mongo, and Mangbetu-Azande: about 45%; over 200 other groups, including Rwanda, Bangi, Ngale, Rundi, Teke, Boa, Chokwe, Lugbara, and Banda.

Languages: French (official); Lingala; Kingwana; Kikongo; Tshiluba; Swahili; local languages.

First Prime Minister: Patrice Lumumba


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