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IN-FOCUS: Writing for College Success (Yarnoff)

To support rising high school juniors and seniors in "Writing for College Success," an NU IN FOCUS Seminar.

Think about these questions...

Prepare to share with the rest of the class about one of the three sources below.  Refer back to the videos you viewed if this helps, or look at the tabs on this guide "Scholarly vs. Non-Scholarly Sources" and "Primary vs. Secondary Sources."

Some questions to answer:

- Who wrote this source? What are their credentials (if you can tell)?

- Generally speaking, and without reading the entire document, quickly summarize what it's about and/or its purpose.
Hint: look at summaries, abstract, tag terms, subject terms and other descriptive info.

- Who is the audience for this source?

- Is this a primary or a secondary source?

- Is it a scholarly or a popular source?

- What is the "format" of this source (article, book, etc.)

If you feel like you don't have enough information to answer these questions, let us know!