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English 105-6: Expository Writing for Multilingual Students (Del Torto): Finding Books

Finding Books

Finding Books Video

Tips for searching with keywords and filtering results to find and request books from NU Libraries

The search below finds topics related to "black lives matter" and "higher education" and include alternative search keywords blm and college.

example search on black lives matter or blm combined with higher education or college.

The initial search below in NUsearch finds not only books, but journals, individual articles and many other formats for information sources.  You can easily limit down to online availability, such as ebooks, any format, or date of publication, subject, language, etc.  This example below shows how you can filter your results down to online books, or ebooks, instead of all source types.

Limit your search results with the filters on the left, to full text online and books only, to find ebooks on this topic.

If you find books you need that are in the Libraries but not available online, you can sign in with your netid to place a request to pick books up from the Library or for off-campus delivery to your address.

sign in with your netid to request to pick the book up from the Library or have it delivered to you.