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CHEM_105-6: The Chemistry of Food (Priest)


This guide contains resources that may be useful for CHEM 105-6. Depending on your assignment and topic, you may need to find different types of information. For instance, you may be interested in learning about leavening agents, high fructose corn syrup or genetically modified foods. Good sources for this type of information include books, journal articles, and more.

Test your knowledge!

Which of the following tools might be a good place to start finding books?
NUsearch: 27 votes (79.41%)
The New York Times: 0 votes (0%)
Web of Science: 6 votes (17.65%)
None of the above: 1 votes (2.94%)
Total Votes: 34
Which of the following tools may be a good place to start finding scholarly articles?
Web of Science: 1 votes (3.13%)
Academic Search Complete: 1 votes (3.13%)
PubMed: 6 votes (18.75%)
None of the above: 0 votes (0%)
All of the above: 24 votes (75%)
Total Votes: 32
You are researching the use of 3D printing in the production of food. Your query may look like:
food AND "3D printing" OR "three-dimensional printing": 4 votes (12.12%)
food AND ("3D printing" OR "three-dimensional printing"): 22 votes (66.67%)
food OR "3D printing" OR "three-dimensional printing": 1 votes (3.03%)
food AND "3D printing" AND "three-dimensional printing": 6 votes (18.18%)
Total Votes: 33