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Catalogues Raisonnés


Catalogues Raisonnés are definitive studies of an artist's entire creative output in a particular medium. Exhaustively researched, they are invaluable reference sources and can provide scholarly information on such things as dates, title information, size and provenance.
This research guide contains the catalogues raisonnés held in the library's collection, including those owned by the Art Institute of Chicago. It is intended to provide an easily usable listing of those materials, with links to the more extensive catalog record.

A few conventions to note:

  • Catalogues Raisonnés do not circulate. They are available for in-library use only.
  • The information on catalogues raisonnés is taken from the International Foundation for Art Research (IFAR), which maintains an electronic database of all published catalogues raisonnés and those which are currently in preparation.
  • Artist's names as well as dates of birth and death correspond to the information provided by IFAR
  • Artists appear alphabetically within the appropriate century according to the year of their birth. This is intended to avoid any subjectivity concerning to which century an artist may "belong."
  • IFAR identifies a small number of well-known artists and artists whose names identify a place by their more commonly known first names. Thus Michaelangelo Buonarroti is listed under "M" and Leonardo da Vinci under "L". This applies largely to artists before the 1700s.
  • If there are multiple entries for an artist, they are listed in descending chronological order.
  • Links to electronic resources are provided by IFAR and are correct at the time of publication.