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Call Numbers

Learn how books are organized and labeled at Northwestern University Library

Resources Call Numbers

As of 2015, all new acquistions for the library will have a LC call number.  The majority of the resources on this page are for Library of Congress resources, see StaffWeb for Dewey resources.

Local policies for assigning call numbers

​Library of Congress Resources

Overview of Library of Congress Classification

Library of Congress Resources

Resources for Shelvers

  • Library of Congress Call Number Training - Manual for training staff and students with the essentials of LC shelving.
  • LC Easy - Tool to learn Library of Congress Classification System. It is designed to assist staff who are not familiar with this classification system in learning how to use it. Contains many practice exercises for new shelvers. 

 Library staff wishing to use this new tool to learn LC Classification can go to:

  1. Control Panel – Programs – Programs and Features
  2. On the side window select Install a program from the network
  3. Select:  LC Easy 4.0   from the list of applications
  4. Double-click on LC Easy 4.0.

It will install the application as an administrator with the license.  The first time you run the application it will ask for your name.  You do not need your Tech Liasion to download any software.  If you have any troubles, please submit an IT Help Desk ticket. 

  • Tech Services Training Kick Off - 12/3/201

Instructions for printing on Plotter with Adhesive Roll


  • When you print, choose MEDIA SIZE size as either "any loaded size," or D+ (24 inch)"
  • for MEDIA TYPE  select the one that says "OCE RED LABEL"
  • Layout should be 1 to 1.
  • When you press PRINT, it will say it went to the printer, but then a preview screen will pop up, which you'll have to OK, before it goes to the printer for real.