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Video Production Studio: Self-Service: Recording your Presentation

Service and details about the One Button feature

Recording Instructions

  • Plug in your laptop with the black HDMI cable (and adapter as needed) If you do not need a laptop for you recording, skip this step.
  • Choose the "Self-Service Mode" option on the tablet (see left picture below). This will power on the necessary recording equipment.*Users may not make any adjustments to the equipment on the walls. The camera may NOT be adjusted physically.
  • Situate yourself on the designated floor markers to begin recording.
  • Press the RECORD button on the tablet (see center picture above). The recording begins when you see the word RECORDING flashing in red on the tablet and the "ON THE AIR"  sign (see right picture above) located on the top center wall is lit.
  • When you are finished, go to the tablet to press STOP. Once the word RECORDING is no longer flashing, then your recording has stopped.