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Research Resource Forum 2018: Engineering


Several sessions for incoming Masters and PhD students in the McCormick School of Engineering will be provided as part of the orientation for new students. Below is a list of these sessions.  For further information, please contact Anna Ren, Engineering Librarian or Becca Greenstein, STEM Librarian.

Date / Time    Department / Program Building / Room / Instructor
11/15: 3:00 pm Chemical and Biological Engineering (PhD students) Tech M152  / Anna, Cunera, Elsa
9/18: 11:15 am Civil and Environmental Engineering (Masters and PhD students) Tech M345 / Anna, Kelsey, Rachel
9/14: 10:30 am Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences (PhD students) Tech C211 / Anna, Kelsey, Cunera
9/24: 3:30 pm Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics Tech M416 / Beccca
TBD / TBD Mechanical Engineering (Masters and PhD students) TBD / TBD / Anna
9/21: 11:20 am Master of Engineering Management (MEM) Mudd Library Room 2210 / Becca, Jeanette, Anna
9/19: 11:15 am Materials Science and Engineering (Masters students) Tech C115 (Bodeen Lab) / Anna
9/20: 10:00 am Materials Science and Engineering (PhD students) Cook  2058 / Anna, Cunera