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Research Resources Forum 2017

10:50 Forum Sessions

Beyond Northwestern: Research Libraries and Collections in Chicago

  Join Northwestern University librarians on a virtual tour of the rich resources available in libraries and repositories throughout the greater Chicago area. In this session, the instructors will look at the way the various libraries' web sites can help identify research materials. Included will be the University of Chicago, the Center for Research Libraries, the Newberry Library, and the Chicago History Museum, among others.    
   Location:  Forum Room,2799, 2nd Floor, South Tower
Time:  10:50 - 11:35 am
Presenters:  Harriet Lightman, Liaison for History & American Studies
   William McHugh, Liaison for Classics and Philosophy
   Ann Aler, Geospatial & Cartographic Specialist

Data Management

            Will you be creating new datasets as a part of your graduate school research agenda? Either on your own or as part of a research team? Through surveys, interviews, fieldwork or in a laboratory? Most federal funding agencies as well as private funding agencies require that a data management plan be created at the outset of a research project. These agencies and many journals also require that data sets underlying publication be shared. Session participants will explore tools and best practices for organizing, managing and describing your data to ensure its long term use and preservation as well as to ensure compliance with agency or publisher requirements.    
   Location:  Library Classroom B238
Time:  10:50 am - 11:35 am
Presenter:  Cunera Buys, Data Management Planning Librarian and Liaison for Earth & Planetary Sciences and Communication Sciences & Disorders 


Establishing Your Biological Sciences Research Workflow

  The Northwestern University Library has vast electronic and print collections and a plethora of tools and services to help you establish your biological sciences research workflow. In this short workshop we will introduce you to advanced tools for searching literature (Web of Science, EMBASE, Nowomics, etc.), finding protocols and procedures for experiments (Springer Protocols, JoVE, etc. ), and automating the discovery of new articles that align with your interests. We will also cover NU library basics such as requesting books and articles, configuring Google Scholar, and accessing our collections from off-campus.    
   Location:  Room 2628 2nd Floor, East Tower
Time:  10:50 am - 11:35 am
Presenter:  Steve Adams, Liaison for Biomedical Engineering, Environmental Studies, Life Sciences, Psychology

Making Connections Through Transportation

  The Transportation Library’s unique collections support the research of students across the university from a broad range of disciplines including the humanities and social sciences. Although the library at first glance appears to be a “science/technology” collection, its multidisciplinary holdings have strong components in economics, history, city growth, urban studies, law enforcement, environmental studies, labor relations and many other subjects. This session will give you the opportunity to meet the librarians, learn more about our services and collections, learn about and view examples of how our collections have supported students' research and potentially discern new areas of discovery and exploration. You will also get a tour of our special and archival collections, with such highlights as materials promoting a Baghdad-to-Damascus bus tour in the 1930's, a scrapbook documenting an Iowa-to-San Francisco road trip in a Model T in 1915, and timetables and menus related to Pan Am’s first transatlantic jet service in the 1950's.    
   Location:  Transportation Library, 5th floor, North Tower
Time:  10:50 am - 11:35 am
Presenters:  Roberto Sarmiento, Head of Transportation Library
   Rachel Cole, Librarian, Transportation Library

Newspapers & News Sources

  This session will provide an overview, and some search tips, on the vast array of newspapers and news sources, including Readex/NewsBank, that are available to our community.    
   Location:  Video Theater, 2712, 2nd Floor, South Tower
Time:  10:50 - 11:35 am
Presenters:  Anne Zald, Assistant Head of Research & Learning Services for Government Information, Business & Geospatial Services, Liaison for Social Science Data and Regulatory Compliance
   Geoff Morse, Research Services Manager, Liaison for Religious Studies and Linguistics.

Resources for Communication Studies

  The interdisciplinary nature of Communication Studies can leave some researchers with no idea where to begin. This session will provide attendees with an overview of a diverse collection of resources that cover areas such as technology, social networking, television, media studies, rhetoric, organizational communication, and health care. By the end of the session, attendees will be able to identify the appropriate database to begin their research; know how conduct effective keyword searches; and will know how to locate and take advantage of the services and resources available to them at the Libraries.    
   Location:  Library Classroom, B234
Time:  10:50 am - 11:35 am
Presenter:  Lauren McKeen, Librarian and Web Manager