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Music Library Audio Cart Instructions: Playback Instructions

Here you can find photo guides on how to play LPs and DATs on the equipment in the Music Lab, as well as how to transfer these formats to CD.

Playback instructions

For all playback, you must turn on the Yamaha amp (bottom unit) and the appropriate deck. The amp is used for all headphone plugin, to set the input (CD, Tape, DAT, or LP) and control the volume.

Copyright Notice

The copyright law of the United States (Title 17 U.S. Code) governs the making of audio reproductions of copyrighted material. The person using this equipment is liable for any infringement.


CD Playback

  1. Turn on the CD/Tape deck (top unit)
  2. Insert CD into tray (on right)
  3. Set 'Input' on Yamaha amp to 'CD'
  4. Use the Play/Stop/Pause buttons on the CD/Tape deck. Use the multi-sensor dial to advance tracks.


Cassette Tape Playback

  1. Turn on CD/Tape desk (top unit)
  2. Insert cassette into holder (on left)
  3. Set 'Input' on the Yamaha amp to 'Line 2'
  4. Use 'Play' ⇒ to begin tape

Phonograph record (LP) Playback

  1. Turn on the turntable (on top of cart). Power switch is on upper left of deck surface
  2. Place desired side of the LP face up on the turntable spindle
  3. Press 'Start' button; select speed
  4. Set 'Input' on Yamaha amp to 'Line 1'
  5. Move tone arm over desired track. Lower tone arm using level near the rear of the tone arm.

DAT Playback

  1. Turn on DAT deck (middle unit)
  2. Insert DAT into tray
  3. Set 'Input on Yamaha amp to 'Line 3'
  4. Use controls on DAT deck to play and advance tape