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Primary Sources in Transportation

About this Guide

This guide represents a selection of resources available through Northwestern University's Transportation Library. It is not intended to be all-inclusive, but a starting point in helping to guide your research. Please contact a librarian for additional assistance or inquiries about collections, items, or subjects.


Inland Water Pamphlets

Digital and Archival Collections - Water Transportation

Panama Canal

The Transportation Library holds a number of books, periodicals, annual reports, and other documents related to the construction and operation of the Panama Canal. Search for Panama Canal as a subject term, and, if desired, set date limits (pre-1915, for example, for works produced before and during the canal's construction), to find these resources. A few selected titles are shown in this section.


Annual Reports of the Panama Canal Authority and Related Organizations. 1877-1999 (not inclusive). Transportation Library Collections HE537 .P187 / Annual Reports P187.5.