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HIST 103-7-22 Climate Change and Civilizations (Ogundiran)

Journal articles

The library subscribes to many databases that index journal content. Some of these databases/indexes cross all areas while others are focuses on a specific topic. Below are listed some general and subject specific databases that will help you locate articles and related content.

Magazines, journals, scholarly popular, peer-reviewed..?? If you've ever run across any or a combination of these terms and needed clarification on their distinct meanings, the following table offers some definitions:


         Scholarly Journals     Trade Journals     Popular Magazines   Newspapers  
  Examples   Social Psychology Quarterly
Advertising Age
Chicago Tribune
  Content   Primary account of original research; In-depth analyses of issues in the field; Articles often include abstract, method, discussion, tables, conclusion, and references. Current news, trends, or products in an industry or professional organization; Statistics, forecasts, employment and career information Current events and news; General information with purpose to entertain or inform; Analyses of popular culture; Secondary account of someone else's research that may include opinion Current events and news that may be local, regional, national or international; Ads, editorials, speeches; Primary source for information on events