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List of IGOs

Content Introduction

Criteria used to maintain the Northwestern University Library IGO list

  • The primary audience for the site is the Northwestern University community.
  • The international organizations included in the list are intergovernmental organizations (IGOs).
  • International Documents staff intend the list to be comprehensive. They include all the IGOs of which they are aware. However, an IGO must have a web page to be included in the list. If any person recommends an IGO to add to the list, staff add it to the list.
  • The list links to sites in English, when available.
  • In general, the list links only to the main page (i.e. welcome or home page) of the IGO's web site. The list links to web pages that are located within an IGOs web site if:
    • it is the web page of the IGO's statistical division or statistical publications.
    • it is the web page of the IGO's publications, if there are a substantial number of full-text publications available there.
    • it is a web page that is often used.
    • it is a web page which had been used by staff or a patron as a source of information, but which is extremely difficult to locate using the site's navigation functions.