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Map & Atlas Collections

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Greeley Carlson 2nd Atlas of the City of Chicago (1892)

Greeley & Carlson Company's 2nd Atlas of the City of Chicago at a scale of 100 feet to the inch (1892) is now available in digital format.  A sample page image is shown below.

Sample Map from Greeley-Carlson Atlas 1892


Historic Map of Evanston

Terry, G. W. and Reese, Theodore.  Historic Map of Evanston.  Merchant's Lithographing Company, 1868-1872.

Small view of map of Evanston dated 1868-1872

The Northwestern University Libraries Maps & Atlas Digital Collection includes digitized copies of maps in our collection.  The digital collection provides selections from our collection.  Click on the map image above to view in more detail.



Atlas of the Historical Geography of the United States

Northwestern Library holds 2 copies of Paullin, C.O. & Wright, J. K. (1932). Atlas of the historical geography of the United States. Pub. jointly by Carnegie institution of Washington and the American Geographical Society of New York.

The University of Richmond Digital Scholarship Lab digitally reimagined this publication in 2013, adding features not possible in the print edition.

To learn more about the original, award winning atlas and its adaptation to the 21st Century, see the About section.

Among the additional mapping projects from the University of Richmond Digital Scholarship Lab you may wish to take a look at Land Acquisition and Dispossession: Mapping the Homestead Act, 1863-1912 and Not Even Past: Social Vulnerability and the Legacy of Redlining