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Online Scholarly Identity

Resources to help you create an online identity.

Additional Resources for Curating Your Online Presence

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Tips and Pointers to manage your Scholarly Identity

  1. Google yourself- See what information about you comes up.  Can your peers and collegues find you?
  2. Make sure your LinkedIn page is current/ or create a LinkedIn page if you don’t have one
    1. Connect with others in your field
  3. Get an ORCID ID- This is very important and will only take a couple of minutes.
  4. Social media- Make sure you separate your personal social media from your professional social media.  Look for professional sites in your area on twitter, Facebook etc.
  5. Set-up academic networking accounts: e.g. Google Scholar,, ResearchGate
  6. If you have time, create a personal website or see what is on your work/ department website about you.
    1. Link this to your academic networking accounts
    2. Make sure your website has your online bio and head shot, your CV, research interests and contact information
  7. Remember: Only do what you have time for. It is not necessary to do all these things all at once.