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SPAN 395: Frusciante

A library research guide for students in Justice and Resistance in Contemporary Latin America (Frusciante)

What is peer-review?

Find scholarly articles to review

Find related articles

Use subject headings to find related articles about a given topic or subject. Subject headings function like tags, creating networks between different articles that are about the same thing but might talk about that thing in different ways. The HAPI database is great especially for its use of these subject headings!

Here is an example of an article in HAPI, which I found by searching "cuba y justicia" (pretty straightforward search terms).


You can see the title, and the places where its full-text is accessible. Also, below this information, are the subject headings. This article has the following subject headings:


So, in addition to this article being very generally about justice in Cuba, it's also more specifically about citizenship, political participation, and governance in Cuba. Clicking any of these subjects will lead you to more articles that are about this specific topic. I clicked on "Citizenship--Cuba," and the database has seven results tagged with this subject heading. 

Compile biographical information