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Politics of Africa: Introduction

COURSE TEXTBOOK: Please note that the course textbook is available electronically and free to you through the library. As there are only 3 copies, remember to logout when you are not actively reading to allow use by others.

 General Information 
Country Information

There are encyclopedias, both print and electronic, in the library that would be good sources of information for this course. Search the catalog for location information or go to the library, 5E reference shelves. 

Databases & Other Sources
News Sources

The library holds a large collection of newspapers, historical and current, in microfilm, print and digital. The Africana News guide as well as the general catalog will get you to many of these. PressReader gives online access to some current newspapers and magazines. 

Find Books, Images and More

Map of Precolonial Africa


Source: (7th-19th C). Precolonial Africa. Retrieved from

Poster of presidents of the African National Congress

Access more posters here. 

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