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DataBank: ILL - Articles & Doc Del: Highlights

InterLibrary Loan & Document Delivery

ILL Borrowing - Analysis of Requests for Articles Not Owned by NUL

* There were 20,771 requests for issues from 11,479 different journals in FY11-FY12.

* The Older the Publication Date of the Issue the Fewer the Requests.

* About 50% of All Requests were for Issues Published in the Past 12 Years. About 40% of all requests are for articles that were published in the last 7 years (2005).

* Nonetheless, 24% of Requests Received in FY11-FY12 were for Issues Published in the 1990's (ie., from 12 - 22 years have passed since publication).

* Medical science journals (medicine, psychiatry) predominate among the subjects that are most requested (20+ requests in FY11-FY12). The rest are variable in subject matter. 


Document Delivery - Analysis of Works Owned by NUL and Delivered to NU Community

* Works within the publication Acta Sanctorum are, by a large number, the most frequently fulfilled through Doc Del services. 

* Many of the works are accessible to the NU community online, which might suggest resource discovery problems.



A Joint Project of:

The Department of Electronic Resources & Collection Analysis (Administrative and Collections Services Division) and the Resource Sharing and Reserve Services Unit of the Department of Access Services (Public Services Division).  2/2013.



If you need more information about specific titles/requests before making decisions based on this data, please contact Kurt Munson, Resource Sharing & Reserve.