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HIV and AIDS in Africa: Steps Forward and Continued Challenges


According to a May 2013 UNAIDS Special Report, “An African proverb teaches us that 'if you want to go fast, go alone—but if you want to go far, go together.’ The AIDS epidemic threatened to overcome Africa—but instead, Africa and the world have united to overcome AIDS going farther than most ever thought possible.

Today fewer people are becoming newly infected with HIV, millions are receiving HIV treatment, fewer babies are becoming infected with HIV, and Africa is investing more than ever in the AIDS response—and in the continent’s future.” This LibGuide provides resources on how the epidemic is being fought in Africa.

Source: “How Africa Turned AIDS Around,” Update, UNAIDS Special Report, May 2013.  

Young People Today


Young People Today: ‘Time to Act Now’ –Watch Video: Why Sexuality Education is Critical in Africa

The Bravest Boy I know

The following children’s book is about learning tolerance in befriending and welcoming people living with HIV. UNAIDS Publications

Strictly Beza: Dancing in Ethiopia

An enterprising group of young people formed a group called Addis Beza, and are using music and dance to spread the message about HIV.

HIV/AIDS: Strategy for the WHO African Region

How Africa Turned AIDS Around