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List of Foreign Governments

Content Introduction

Northwestern University Libraries do not collect the publications (documents) of foreign governments; this guide was created as a way to access that information. It provides links to the official websites of national governments. Information on nations not on this list can be found on the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation List of Members.

Selection Criteria

  • The primary audience for the site is the Northwestern University community.
  • The country name links to official government portals or homepages and the list below the names links to legislative and executive branch institutions.
  • Websites published by individuals or organizations that are not governments are not included.
  • Countries are organized alphabetically, loosely following the structure of The CIA World Factbook.
  • Territories and colonies of other countries are listed separately if the home rule government has a website.
  • Whenever possible, links go to websites in the English language. When there is no English translation of a page it is indicated by:
    • the name of the institution is written in the original language.
    • a language note included in parentheses.
  • Countries without official government websites are also listed and will be linked if websites become available.
  • If you have any questions or suggestions please email .