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DataBank: Circulation of Single Works

Step 1. Select the Circulation module in Voyager.

Unless it defaults to it, Select "Item" from top dashboard.

Item defaults to a Barcode search.

If you wish to search by Title, Call Number, Personal Name (author), or other click on the ellipsis on the right of the search box.

Step 2. Type in Your Search.

This example is a search by Title.

Step 3. Click on the Highlighted Result.

You will have choices if there is more than one edition of the work you seek.

Step 4. Choose from the retrieved holdings.

Although one record was found, there are 2 copies of this book. The "Item History" for each copy will need to be checked and the statistics added together.


Select a copy and click on the last tab to the right - "Item History."


Step 5. (a) Select a copy. (b) Click on Item History. (c) Repeat with other Copies.

This title has been checked out 61 times as of October, 2012! (46 + 15 Historical Charges)

Historical Charges are the number of times a book has been checked out (dating from 1998).

Historical Browses are the number of times a book has been removed from place (but not checked out), then taken by staff and discharged at a circulation desk (dating from 1998) before being returned to place. This process is used as a measurement of browsing.

Historic Reserve Charges are the number of times a book has been placed on Reserve (dating from 2005).


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