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AFAM 381: Topics in Diaspora Studies: Black Dance (Johnson)

Key Resources

Dance Reference Books

Adamczyk, Alice J. Black Dance: An Annotated Bibliography. NY: Garland, 1989. 
                                                                                                                       016.79332 A197b

Detroit Public Library. Catalog of the E. Azalia Hackley Memorial Collection of Negro
     Music, Dance and Drama: Detroit Public Library. Boston: G.K. Hall, 1979.
                                                                                                     MUSIC, REF ML136 .D38D4 

Gray, John. Baila!: a bibliographic guide to Afro-Latin dance musics from mambo to salsa.      Nyack, NY: African Diaspora Press, 2013.          MUSIC, REF ML 128 .D3G7

Otfinoski, Steven. African Americans in the Performing Arts. Rev. ed. NY: Facts on
     File, Inc., 2010.                                                                               791.08996 O87a 2010

Rochon, Valerie J. The African-American Dance Directory. NY: V. J. Rochon, 1984.
                                                                                                                      L793.30257 R681a

Southern, Eileen and Josephine Wright. African-American Traditions in Song, Sermon,
     Tale, and Dance, 1600s-1920: An Annotated Bibliography of Literature, Collections, 
     and Artworks. NY: Greenwood Press, 1990.                    MUSIC, REF ML128 .A37S6

Wenig, Adele Renee. Pearl Primus: An Annotated Bibliography of Sources From 1943
     to 1975. Oakland: Wenadance Unlimited, 1983.                            L016.79332 P953w