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Library Instructors' Toolkit : Reserving Equipment

Reserving Equipment

1. Go to the Calendar component of Microsoft Outlook

2. Click "New Meeting" 

3. Click "To" and begin typing in the name of the equipment you'd like to reserve. For the purposes of scheduling, equipment will be considered an attendee of your meeting.

If there will be other attendees, you may add them to the invitation as well.

4. Complete the rest of the meeting invitation and click SEND! You will receive an email when the requests are approved.





Equipment Pick Up Location Reservation Procedure Contact
 Laptops (8  PCs, 4 Macs) 

 UX - 2  North

 Use your Outlook Calendar to invite "NUL Instruction Mac #" or "NUL  Instruction PC #" to your scheduled session. Contact Chris Davidson to   schedule your pickup.

Chris Davidson
 Clickers  UX - 2  North

 Use your Outlook Calendar to invite "NUL Learning Services Clickers"  to your scheduled session. Contact Jeannette  Moss to schedule your pickup.

 Jeannette Moss
 Whiteboards   UX - 2  North    
 Flipcharts  Ver Steeg  Flip charts are stored in Ver Steeg Faculty Lounge and are available to  be borrowed by staff, so long as they are not in use. Please return  them  to Ver Steeg when finished. FOSM

 Information    Commons

 Reservations must be made one week in advance. Stop by the IC desk  or call (847) 491-7658. Visit the website for more information. Anne Marie Sticksel