International Business Information: Getting Started

Resources in international business for the Northwestern University community.

About This guide

The International Business Information Guide contains resources that primarily offer overviews and news about countries.  Information resources that feature international coverage can also be found in other online research guides.  For instance, if you are looking for resources on an aspect of international marketing, those may be located in the Consumer Behavior, Demogrpahics and Lifestyles guide.

Getting Started

Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) - Country Commerce  
Locate in-depth information on business operating conditions for 55 countries. Tip: Key resource for international business and economics information.

EIU - Country Finance
Features financial market conditions and regulations for 55 countries.

Europa Online 
Provides overview reports for over 250 countries.

Business news and intelligence, and company, industry, financial, economic and political information from emerging market countries in Latin America, Asia and Europe. Includes corporate profiles, financial statements, industry and analyst reports, macroeconomic statistics and forecasts, legal and regulatory information, and opinion polls.

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