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ENG 101: Victorian Violence (Jafri): Getting Started


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My favorite book in this class is
Wuthering Heights: 3 votes (9.68%)
Lady Audley's Secret: 7 votes (22.58%)
Sign of Four: 15 votes (48.39%)
Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde: 6 votes (19.35%)
Total Votes: 31
Before this class I had read a novel written in the 19th century
Yes: 17 votes (73.91%)
No: 6 votes (26.09%)
Total Votes: 23
The last time I wrote a paper requiring outside research was
Last summer: 5 votes (20.83%)
Last year: 11 votes (45.83%)
more than a year ago: 4 votes (16.67%)
Never: 4 votes (16.67%)
Total Votes: 24
To conduct research I would first use
Google: 10 votes (41.67%)
JSTOR: 3 votes (12.5%)
Lexis Nexis: 1 votes (4.17%)
an Ebsco database: 6 votes (25%)
I've never had to conduct research: 4 votes (16.67%)
Total Votes: 24

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