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NUPrint System: Scanning & Photocopying

This guide includes information on printing, scanning, photocopying, and faxing in Northwestern University Libraries using the NUPrint system.

New features and new machines


  • The total number of photocopiers in the public areas of the Library has been reduced from 29 to 13.
  • 8 of these are multifunction printers (MFPs), which are devices that can be used as printers, photocopiers, or scanners.
  • Additional BookScan scanners will be provided in ten public locations. BookScan scanners are easy-to-use, self-service flatbed book scanners that can scan and convert books and documents into PDFs, searchable PDFs, and Microsoft Office documents.

Why you need a PIN to photocopy

Each photocopier or MFP will have a NUPrint touchpad and a coin box attached to it. If you wish to pay for your photocopies using NUPrint funds, you will need to swipe your WildCard and enter your PIN or enter your NetID and password at the touchpad. You may pay for photocopies with cash without using the touchpad.

Scanning is free!

The Library will not be charging for the use of the Bookscan scanners or the scanning features of the MFPs.

If you are using a MFP as a scanner, you can email a scan or save it to a USB device. You will not need to use the NUPrint touchpad to gain access to the scanning features of the MFP.

If you are using the BookScan scanner, you can email a scan or save it to a USB device or Google Docs.

How to release photocopies using NUPrint

Before you begin photocopying, first log in at the touchpad in one of these two ways.

  1. Swipe the broad magnetic stripe on your WildCard through the card reader on the side of the touchpad. When prompted to enter your PIN, tap in the PIN field, enter your PIN using the touchpad keypad, and tap on "OK."
  2. Tap in the "Username" field, and use the touchpad keyboard to enter your NetID. Tap on "OK" when you are done. Then tap in the "Password" field, and use the touchpad keyboard to enter your password. Tap on "OK" when you are done.

If there is not enough money in your account, you may add money to your account using the coin box.

Tap on "Log Out" when you are finished photocopying.

Using the BookScan stations

To scan a document, begin by tapping the screen of the BookScan station.

Select the scanning device you wish to use. If you are scanning a bound document, select the flatbed scanner. If you are scanning loose sheets, select the scanner with the document feed. Then tap "Next."

Select one of the three destinations for your scanned document: a USB drive, Google Docs, or email. Then tap "Next."

Read the copyright and maximum file size notifications and tap on "Accept."

Select your preferred file format, color mode, and resolution. BookScan defaults to PDF, black & white, and standard resolution. To minimize the size of the scanned document, select "Photo Quality." Then tap "Next."

Read the instructions on the screen for scanning your document and tap "Next." Ten. Scan your document, and tap on "Send" when you are finished.

Follow the instructions on the screen to save or email your scanned document.


If you have more questions about printing documents, or are having problems printing a document, please contact the following:

University (Main) Library Mudd Library Wi-fi, NetID, password help
Information Commons
(847) 491-7658
Mudd Library Servcie Desk
(847) 491-3361
NUIT Support Center
(847) 491-4357