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NUPrint System: For Guests

This guide includes information on printing, scanning, photocopying, and faxing in Northwestern University Libraries using the NUPrint system.

Print Release Stations

Guests who do not have NU Wildcards must pay for their printing using cash.  Printers with cash boxes are available in the following locations:

  • Main Library
    • Periodicals Room (1st floor) - B&W and Color
    • Information Commons (1st Floor) - Plotter
    • Africana Library (5th floor East) - B&W
    • Transportation Library (5th floor North) - B&W
  • Deering Library
    • Art Collection (3rd floor) - B&W


Scanning is always free!

Main Library

  • Periodicals (first floor)
  • Information Commons (first floor)
  • Government Information (B190)
  • Near elevators on levels 3, 4, 5
  • Africana (5 East)
  • Transportation (5 North)

Deering Library

  • Art Collection (level 3)
  • Special Collections (level 3)


The library does not give refunds for an unused balance at the end of the day or reprint jobs for user errors.

For printer errors, guests can re-send print jobs, and staff members can re-print them at certain service points (Reference, Information Commons) for free.


All of the copy machines in the Library are equipped with cash boxes. You may insert coins (nickles, dimes, or quarters) directly into the cash box to pay for your print.

Main Library - all B&W

  • Deering 101 (level 1)
  • Periodicals
  • Africana (5 East)
  • Transportation (5 North)

Deering Library B&W and Color

  • Art Collection (level 3) - B&W and Color


If you have more questions about printing documents, or are having problems printing a document, please contact the following:

University (Main) Library Mudd Library Wi-fi, NetID, password help
Information Commons
(847) 491-7658
Mudd Library Servcie Desk
(847) 491-3361
NUIT Support Center
(847) 491-4357