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MSRC_405: Applied Research and Writing (Moeller)

Helpful Tips

Research Methods

Resources for Articles

Medicine/Health Care | Regulatory Compliance | Multidisciplinary | Psychology-Human Development-Social Work | Quality Systems
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Medicine / Health Care

Regulatory Compliance

Multidisciplinary Databases

In each of these databases your search will identify articles in journals from a wide range of subject areas including physical and life sciences, technology, social sciences, business and leadership, and the arts and humanities.

Psychology - Human Development - Social Work

Quality Systems

Activities & Session Feedback

Database search results can be improved through trial and error.  Practice using the questions in the chart below and considering the reflection questions when reviewing search results.

Search Examples for Discussion (thanks to Suzan Moeller for these examples!)
PICO Research Question Keywords / Synonyms for
Database Search Keywords
Database to Search



Does a ketogenic diet improve glycemic control
in patients with obesity and type 2 diabetes
mellitus compared to a regular diet?

"ketogenic diet"
"diet therapy"

"type 2 diabetes mellitus"


"glycemic control"

Questions to Consider

Which concepts of the question
are important to include in your
search statement? All?  Just a

Is the 'comparative' element of
the question addressed in results
that do not use that keyword?

Did you identify additional, perhaps
better, keywords among your search

Are synonyms helpful?  For all





Questions to Consider

What similarities & differences
do you notice about the search
results in these databases?

For different databases is it
important to use different keywords?

What search filters are offered
by the different databases?
How could those be helpful?

Does a standardized minority inclusion training
program, completed by clinical research teams,
increase minority participation in oncology
clinical trials?
How does the frequency (or severity) of FDA
warning letters affect the quality of products
overviewed by the FDA specifically drugs and
medical devices)?