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LibGuides 2.0 Toolkit: Publishing/Maintaining

Key Terms

Published: Indexed on the public website and accessible by everyone

Unpublished: Not indexed and only viewable by owners, editors, and administrators when logged into LibGuides

Private: Not indexed and only available to those with a URL.

Publishing your Guide

STEP 1: Before publishing, make sure to preview your guide by clicking the  

STEP 2: Use the drop down menu in the upper right corner to change the status of a guide.

STEP 3: Change the guide status to "Submit for Review" and click Save.



Publishing Checklist

LibGuides Account

  • Your profile box has a photo (preferably of you) and includes your contact information (office address, email, phone number)
  • Your profile box is available on the main page
  • Your profile box is located on the left side of the page

Creating a Guide

  • Your guide has a friendly URL
  • Your pages have friendly URLs
  • Your guide has been assigned a subject and/or tags

Adding Content

  • You've reused pages, boxes, and assets when possible
  • You've used the A-Z Database list to link to databases
  • You've included short descriptions under your links