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LibGuides 2.0 Toolkit: Checking Broken Links

Key Terms

Exclude: Excluding a broken link from the report will take it off the broken link list, and that asset will not be scanned in future reports

Dismiss: Dismissing a broken link will dismiss it from that report, but the link will be scanned again in 7 days and could reappear as broken.

Checking Broken Links

STEP 1: log into LibGuides and click on the TOOLS tab at the top, then click on LINK CHECKER


STEP 2: Type your name to find your list of broken assets. Click the link in question to confirm it's broken.



STEP 3: if the link works, it is a false positive. Use the plus sign to add it to the exclusions list.


STEP 4: If you'd like the link to show up in future reports, click the trash can to dismiss it from the current broken link report.


If the link is actually broken: click the EDIT ASSET icon to update the link and save!