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HLTH_COM 469: Information Design Practicum (Patrick): Find Datasets

Questions before beginning your research

After you've decided on a potential topic, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Who might collect the data necessary to produce the statistics? (think of government agencies, organizations, institutions, or groups). If you'd like to search for specific agencies, try the following:

2. Is it likely the statistics will be made available? Data collected on health information is sometimes confidential and thus not publicly available. Find some background information on the topic. Secondary literature may be of use for this. Use the Find Articles tab to select a database with secondary literature.

3. What is your time frame and geography? Very recent statistics may not be available. 

-Questions adapted from the guide How to Find Data & Statistics

Data vs. Statistics

  • Data is the raw information produced from a study. (machine readable files; need statistical software program to interpret)
  • Statistics provide an interpretation of the data. (tables, graphs, charts)

Statistical databases

Websites for datasets

COVID-19 and other Specific Data Table Compilations

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