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PHIL_109-6: Future Tense: The Ethics of What Will Be (Cochran): Books

Finding books

NUSearch, Northwestern University Library's search tool, can be used to find books and other library resources.   To search for books, it is best to choose  "Books, Images, & More" in the pull-down menu (basic search) or click the "Books, Images, & More" radio button (advanced search); otherwise, you are likely to be overwhelmed with articles. 

Note that you can use the Boolean operators AND, OR, or NOT, but they must be in all-caps.   An asterisk can be used to truncate a search term, so that ethic* will retrieve ethics, ethical, and so on.

Sample Searches:

"social media"

"social media" AND privacy

"self-driving cars"

"genetic engineering" AND humans

"big data" AND privacy

"artificial intelligence" AND ethic*

robots AND (workplace OR factories)

or if you want to get really sophisticated: ("self-driving" OR autonomous) AND (car OR cars OR automobile* OR vehicle*) AND ethic*

Note that you can limit your search by date, or by other factors, if the retrieval is to immense:

Browsing and Subject Headings

It's also possible to click on "browse" and browse titles, authors, or subject heading strings.   Some subject headings that may be useful:

Autonomous Vehicles

Social Media -- United States

Genetic Engineering -- Moral and Ethical Aspects

Big Data -- Social Aspects

Artificial Intelligence -- Moral and Ethical Aspects

Robots, Industrial

Labor supply -- Effect of technological innovations on

Note that subject headings for any particular book are shown in the full record for that book:

TIP:  When doing keyword searches, it is useful to use subject terms you have found in those searches.  Sometimes, you can retrieve a more focused search by limiting your search to subject headings in the advanced search: