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English: 20th Century

Areas of Study: 20th Century

Key Resources in 20th Century Studies

The following is a list of recommended resources of library-owned databases, open access collections, guides and reference sources, and other online materials. To browse all of the library's database subscriptions, click here.

  • American Poetry Full-Text Database, 20th century
    Full-text database contains modern and contemporary American poetry from the early From the twentieth century to the present. It includes 12,000 poems drawn from over 130 volumes by over 100 poets.

  • Asian American Drama
    Contains 252 plays by 42 playwrights, together with detailed, fielded information on related productions, theaters, production companies, and more. Some 50% of these plays have never been published before. The database also includes selected playbills, production photographs and other ephemera related to the plays.

  • Black Drama: Second Edition
    Contains full text of more than 1,200 plays written from the mid-1800s to the present by more than 200 playwrights from North America, English-speaking Africa, the Caribbean, and other African diaspora countries. More than 40 percent of the collection consists of previously unpublished plays.Includes selected playbills, production photographs and other ephemera related to the plays.

  • Black Short Fiction and Folklore from Africa and the African Diaspora
    Contains stories, folktales, and short fiction by African, African American, and Caribbean authors.

  • Black Women Writers
    Black Women Writers brings together the many voices of women from Africa and the African Diaspora. Offering fiction, poetry, and essays from three continents, the database gives a view of black women's struggles through time. New content is uploaded on a biweekly basis, giving users immediate access to a steadily growing treasury of extraordinary writings.

  • Caribbean Literature
    Collection of poetry and fiction produced in the region during the 19th and 20th centuries. Among the titles selected are numerous rare and hard-to-find works written in English, French, Spanish, Dutch, and various Creole languages. Also features journals, reference works, and interviews with key writers.

  • Encyclopedia of Twentieth Century Fiction
    An authoritative reference resource of up to date scholarship featuring hundreds of entries written by an international team of scholars. Arranged in three volumes covering British and Irish fiction, American fiction, and World fiction, the entries cover major writers and their works; the genres and sub-genres of fiction (including crime fiction, sci fi, chick lit, the noir novel, and the avant garde novel); and the major movements, debates, and rubrics within the field.

  • Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory & Criticism
    Includes more than 240 entries on critics and theorists, critical schools and movements, and the critical and theoretical innovations of specific countries and historical periods.

  • Literature, Culture and Society in Depression Era America
    This collection presents the Federal Writers Project (FWP) publications of all 47 states involved in the project, which ran from 1933 to 1943. Forming the most complete collection of publications from all participating states, this archive contains more than 450 individual items, many of which are typed or mimeographed and received only limited circulation.

  • Location Register of English Literary Manuscripts and Letters
    Includes information about the manuscript holdings of British and Irish repositories of all sizes, from the British Library to small-town museums, and about literary authors of all genres, from major poets to minor science fiction writers and romantic novelists.

  • Oxford Companion to Modern Poetry (2 ed.)
    An extensive guide to the lives of influential poets writing in English, in Britain and around the world, illuminating the influences, inspirations, and movements that have shaped the lives and works of our best-loved poets. It provides over 1,400 thoroughly revised and updated entries on modern poets active from 1910 to the present day.

  • PennSound
    An audio and video archive of contemporary poetry and poetics.

  • Poetry Foundation
    Features an archive of an archive of thousands of poems by hundreds of classic and contemporary poets, all freely downloadable as well as continually changing journalism about poetry.

  • Pulp Magazines Project
    An open-access digital archive dedicated to the study and preservation of the all-fiction pulpwood magazine.

  • Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism
    A vital tool for students and researchers. The content is fully cross-referenced, allowing for greater discoverability between fields, and covers eight key subject areas: Literature, Architecture, Visual Arts, Music, Dance, Theatre, Film, and Intellectual Currents. Researchers can browse by subject, movement, or place in order to discover connections between key topics and fields.

  • Science Fiction and Fantasy Research Database
    A freely available online resource designed to help students and researchers locate secondary sources for the study of the science fiction and fantasy and associated genres. These include: historical material; books; articles; news reports; interviews; film reviews; commentary; and fan writing.

  • Twentieth Century African-American Poetry
    Searchable collection of poems from African-American poets of the 20th century.

  • Twentieth-Century Drama
    2,500 published plays from throughout the English-speaking world, covering the history of modern drama from the 1890s to the present day.

  • Twentieth-Century English Poetry
    Contains the poetry of over 283 poets from 1900 to the present day. The collection includes poetry in English by poets from outside the British Isles, as well as significant translations of non-English poetry.

  • Underground and Independent Comics, Comix, and Graphic Novels
    The first ever scholarly, primary source database focusing on adult comic books and graphic novels.Contains selected primary materials (the comics themselves), as well as interviews, commentary, theory, and criticism. Covers 1960's-present.

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