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THEATRE_366-0: Dramaturgy (Heinze-Bradshaw): Getting Started

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From a collection of stills, original cast of RAISIN IN THE SUN

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I enjoy research
Love it!: 8 votes (44.44%)
Yes: 7 votes (38.89%)
Meh: 1 votes (5.56%)
Not sure I've done enough to know: 2 votes (11.11%)
Total Votes: 18
If I were a dramaturg I'd prefer working for a company that emphasises
Classical Greek/Roman: 0 votes (0%)
Early Modern/Shakespeare: 5 votes (29.41%)
19th/20th century canon: 2 votes (11.76%)
Contemporary/21st century/new play workshops: 9 votes (52.94%)
Fringe/avant garde/edgy stuff: 1 votes (5.88%)
Total Votes: 17
I've seen a stage production of Raisin in the Sun
Yes: 1 votes (5.26%)
No: 18 votes (94.74%)
Total Votes: 19
If a theatre company has to cut one of these positions, which would you choose to cut?
Assistant director: 3 votes (12%)
Assistant lighting designer: 7 votes (28%)
Dramaturg: 1 votes (4%)
Casting: 14 votes (56%)
Total Votes: 25

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