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Software for Data Analysis: StatTransfer

Recommended resources (online tutorials and books) for social science data analysis, complied by software packages and level of proficiency.

Safari Books Online

Safari Books Online - brings you ebooks and videos from 200+ respected publishers, including O’Reilly, Pearson, Wiley, Packt, Harvard Business Review, and Wharton Digital Press. NOTE: Users must register with a Northwestern email address.

Sage Research Methods includes a series of Little Green Books that provide short and accessible texts on all kinds of quantitative methods.

"Our brief volumes address a spectrum of advanced quantitative topics including regression, models, data analysis, experimental design, measurement, survey data, and more."

Why StatTransfer?

StatTransfer helps with transfering data between statistical & mathematical software applications.


Where to Find StatTransfer?

StatTransfer is is installed on public PC 9 in GovInfo (Deering 101).

NUworkspace offers users a Windows virtual desktop with a suite of software applications (including StatTransfer) for University work.