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Software for Data Analysis: R

Recommended resources (online tutorials and books) for social science data analysis, complied by software packages and level of proficiency.

NUIT R User Group

NUIT Research Computing sponsors a university-wide R User Group.  The group welcomes members of the Northwestern community using, or interested in using, the R statistical computing environment. All experience levels are welcome.  Anyone interested in the group should subscribe to the group listserv.

The R User Group is open to all levels of experience, but the group won't be teaching members how to use R. If you're looking to learn R or improve your skills, review the tutorials linked below or review the Software Workshops tab of this guide or Safari Books Online.

Safari Books Online - brings you ebooks and videos from 200+ respected publishers, including O’Reilly, Pearson, Wiley, Packt, Harvard Business Review, and Wharton Digital Press. NOTE: Users must register with a Northwestern email address.

Sage Research Methods includes a series of Little Green Books that provide short and accessible texts on all kinds of quantitative methods.

"Our brief volumes address a spectrum of advanced quantitative topics including regression, models, data analysis, experimental design, measurement, survey data, and more."

Why R?

Why R?

Free! Flexbile!

R is free to download and use, and all the codes are open.  At the same time, the users can easily add their own programs (once they get familiar with statistics and programming).

Where to Find R?

Download a copy of R here for you own PC. R is installed on every public PC in the library and computer lab (link to software lists). Remote Access to Library PCs is provided during the COVID-19 pandemic.

R users suggest that you download and install R Studio, a free R integrated development environment (IDE) as well. R Studio provides a GUI interface that can make R more user friendly.

R is also available through NUworkspace, which offers users a Windows virtual desktop with a suite of software applications for University work. Accounts are available upon request to eligible faculty, staff and students.

Finding Data

Where to find the data for your analysis?

Make an Appointment

Contact Social Science Data Services staff in the University Libraries to discuss:

  • what data is available
  • where to find software for analysis
  • self-paced software learning resources

NUIT Research Computing provides support for a variety of software and analytic methods.

Online Tutorials

Recommended Books

Subject Guide

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