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Culture Change Initiative: Home

Team Purpose

As listed in the CCI recommendations, the team will be expected to:

  • identify the concrete steps necessary to achieving the recommendations
  • prioritize the stages of implementation
  • develop action plans
  • form subgroups as necessary

The team also will be responsible for updating the CCI recommendations as conditions, options, and technologies change. 

Culture Change: a Brief History

In August 2013, the University Library began a Culture Change Initiative with the goal of "helping staff develop skills that will assist them in managing change more effectively, building trust, and working together as a team. This goal supports the Library’s Strategic Plan under the theme of Organizational Readiness to help accomplish broader university academic goals."

A Steering Committee, representing staff from all levels and divisions of the library, was formed to begin work on the culture change process. An Advisory Council was also formed and acted as a sounding board to the Steering Committee as they worked to develop a shared vision for the library, as well as recommendations moving forward.

In September 2014, the Culture Change Initiative (CCI) Facilitation Team was formed to move the recommendations forward. The CCI Team divided the work and focused on the topics of Communication, Decision Making, and Rewards & Recognition. The group continues to meet regularly to develop action plans to move the recommendations forward.

This guide was created to house the work completed by the Steering Committee and Advisory Council, to document and update staff on the work that is currently being done by the CCI team, and also as a place for staff to anonymously submit comments, ideas, and questions about the Culture Change process in general.

Facilitation Team Members

Recommendation Topics