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Kaplan Scholars. Drugs: Culture, History, Politics: Finding Books

Video: Finding Books with NUsearch

Finding books at Northwestern

Use NUsearch, Northwestern University Library's search tool, to find books, documents, video, sound recordings, and other items across both the Evanston and Chicago campus libraries of Northwestern University.
NOTE: NUsearch can also search across several article databases to retrieve articles and other documents.                                  

Videos: Developing Keywords and Searching with Keywords

Keyword searching in NUsearch and other databases

opium AND trade--> finds both terms in the book or article records, or other search results.

opium AND (import* OR export*)--> useful for searching related or synonymous terms together.  finds opium and import, opium and export, or opium and both import and export.

* finds import, imports, importing... 

Also, create a list of possible related search words to try if needed.  For example: opium, opioid, opiate, heroin, morphine, opium poppies, etc.