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Women at Northwestern: Student Organizations

The Woman's Edition, 1902

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority

Clara Lu "N" Em, Radio Show, 1930s

May Queens

Lamba Theta Alpha Sorority

Collections on Student Organizations

University Archives has files on student organizations which typically include event flyers, bylaws, membership rosters, and group brochures. They do not have finding aids. Here are a few that relate to women student organizations. 

  • Associated Women Students
  • Dolphin Show
  • Gay and Lesbian Alliance
  • Gay and Lesbian University Union Graduate Women United
  • Greek Life - Sororities (many sororities have individual files)
  • Jewish Women’s Coalition
  • Lesbian and Bisexual Women’s Group
  • May Week Circus
  • Northwestern Women Against Rape NU Student Wives Club
  • Orchesis
  • Pro-Choice Coalition
  • Society of Women Engineers Women at NU
  • WAA-MU
  • Women's Abortion Action Coalition 
  • Women in Communications
  • Women in Film
  • Women's Interhouse Council
  • Women's Liberation Movement
  • Women's Literary Society
  • Women in Leadership Conference
  • Women in Leadership
  • Women at Northwestern
  • Women Off Campus
  • Women's Self-Government
  • Women's League
  • Women's Self-Government Association
  • Women's Week
  • Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA)





  • Women's Board of NU
  • Women's Coalition Voice


  • Woman's Edition, a special series in the Daily Northwestern

In 1896, Northwestern's student newspaper began publishing an annual spring featured called, the Woman’s Edition. It included essays and poetry as the regular paper, along with artwork. The tradition continued until 1915, when a Women’s Section began to appear regularly in The Daily. During World War I, when the paper became The Weekly, it was staffed almost completely by women. They later retired the special feature. 

Student Essays

  • "From Coeds to Coeditors: The Daily Northwestern Woman's Edition and Beyond," Quinn Thacker (2008)