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Culture Change Initiative: Past Committee Work

Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

Note: The Steering Committee has been working on a draft of the Recommendations since Februrary 2014. The lack of meeting minutes reflects the fact that the bulk of meetings were spent with committee members taking turns revising the draft. The draft will soon be available for all staff members to review, discuss and give feedback.

Steering Committee and Advisory Council Meeting Minutes


Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is a group of people who represent many aspects of the Library and were chosen from each division and all levels of staff (librarian faculty, exempt non-librarians and non-exempt staff). The mix of people will provide a diverse perspective representative of the entire library for the Culture Change Initiative.

The members of the Steering Committee are:

Paul Burley,

Beth Clausen,

John Dorr,

Stefan Elnabli,

Catie Huggins,

Vince McCoy,

Everett Meadors,

Liz Nielsen,

Anne Marie Sticksel,

Jennifer Young,

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council acts as a sounding board for the Steering Committee as key issues and plans are developed. Members have been asked to assist with research and

Elizabeth Adamczyk,

Steve Adams,

Eli Brooke,

Katie Brown,

Daniel von Brighoff,

Cunera Buys,

Carolyn Caizzi,

Chris Davidson,

Stacey Devine,

Joe Ellison,

Elizabeth Fraser,

Scott Garton,

Florence Heady,

Benn Joseph,

Lauren McKeen,

Tom McMahon,

Sibylle Mittelsdorf,

Geoff Morse,

Michael North,

Sue Oldenburg,

Janet Olson,

Ted Quiballo,

Matt Stork,

Geoff Swindells,

Bob Trautvetter,

Transcription from shared vision session

Take a look at all the great ideas that were offered at the shared vision session on November 7.

Add your own in the shared vision follow-up box. 

Shared Vision Statement

Take a look at the latest draft of the Shared Vision for Northwestern University Library and let us know what you think.