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HIST 393 / REL 398 Approaches to History: Catholicisms in the Americas

Catholic Periodical and Literature Index

Catholic publications


Long taking liberal positions in secular political mattes Commonweal has published work by many distinguished writers from a wide variety of backgrounds during its existence. Promoting ecumenism, this publication from its outset has encouraged Catholics to participate in civic life. The Commonweal, while often supporting papal pronouncements, has not hesitated to take issue with the Church’s position on specific issues such as criticism of perceived inconsistencies of Pope John Paull II’s treatment of Central America as in evidence in his 1983 visit to the region. The Commonweal was one of the few publications that publicly rejected militant anticommunism in the United States in the 1950s. The editors are lay people independent of the Church.


Founded in 1909 by Jesuits, America focuses on social and political issues. The general tone of this publication on social and political issues has varied from conservative to moderately liberal but is in general informed by Church teachings. In addition America has also had a strong focus on issues on areas surrounding education and the arts. Many prominent Catholic authors have contributed work to America throughout its history.

National Catholic Reporter

Founded in 1964, the National Catholic Reporter is an independent publication run by lay people. This publication serves as a newspaper striving to inform on all aspects of Catholic life in the United States. While traditionally more liberal the National Catholic Reporter has taken pains to report on and provide voice to all viewpoints across the social and political spectrum.

American Catholic Quarterly Review

Founded in Philadelphia in 1876, the American Catholic Quarterly Review sought to defend Catholicism from unfair attacks. Running from 1876 to 1924 the American Catholic Quarterly Review published articles on philosophy, religion, and science but generally eschewed political topics.

American Ecclesiastical Review

This journal provided support and education for American priests. Relying on the authority of the Church this journal promoted orthodoxy among its readers ceasing publication in 1975.

The Catholic Biblical Quarterly

This journal first appearing in 1939 as the official publication of the recently formed Catholic Biblical Association of America. This journal provided a place for both biblical scholars and popular literature devoted to biblical study. Eventually the Catholic Biblical Quarterly developed into a scholarly journal with the more general, popular material being moved into a new publication, the Bible Today, in 1962.

  • Available online through the Atla database from 1939 to the present.
  • Available in paper from 1953 through the present at the United Library (see library catalog).

The Catholic historical review

  • Available Online from 1915 through 2008 in JSTOR database.
  • Online from 2000 to the present through the Project Muse database.

Catholic University bulletin

Chicago studies

  • Available in paper from 1962 through 2011 at the United Library (see library catalog).

Cross currents

  • Available Online from 1950 to the present.

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