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One Book One Northwestern 2013-2014: The Last Hunger Season: Related Online Resources

Related Online Resources

The Last Hunger Season website includes information about the companion documentary film by Josh Courter and Giulia Longo. Here is the trailer as well as other videos related to this project.



The One Acre Fund website describes the nonprofit organization featured in The Last Hunger Season, which was founded in 2006 by Northwestern's Kellog School MBA graduate Andrew Youn, and John Gachunga, formerly a manager at microfinance institution Equity Bank.  Their model:  "We think that food aid is at best a temporary solution, and instead have put together a permanent, proven investment package for farmers and their families, which doubles farm income by providing seeds and fertilizer, weekly farm education, and market facilitation. This investment package is the core of our program."  Here is their photo and video gallery.