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MSED 407 Research and Analysis in Teaching and Learning

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Search for reviews, summaries and critiques of tests and measurements in any of these databases and reference books

Tests on the Web

By name of the test

Type the name of the test in quotes. Google examples:

“Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children Revised”

+validity +"Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children Revised"

Tip: The plus signs force the term or terms to appear in the results.

By topic of the test

Type the topic and (tests or measures or instruments or surveys, etc.). Google examples:

"aggressive personality" and tests OR measures OR surveys

"aggressive personality" and tests OR measures OR surveys

Tip: The second example limits your search results to .edu sites.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Laurie Sabol, Social Sciences Reference Librarian at Turfts University, who kindly permits the reproduction of her Educational and Psychological Tests and Measurements research guide at Northwestern University Library