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MSED 407 Research and Analysis in Teaching and Learning


The Curriculum Collections specializes in elementary and secondary school teaching materials in printed form, including children's books and K-12 textbooks. The collections support teaching and research in the School of Education and Social Policy, especially in the areas of elementary teaching and secondary teaching.

The collection also supports programs in storytelling and children's theatre offered by the School of Communication.

Locations & Hours

The Curriculum Collection is located in 4S, and is available for use any time 4S is open.


Non-Northwestern users who wish to use the Curriculum Collection after 5:00 p.m. on Monday through Friday, after 12 noon on Saturday, and on Sunday during Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters should call the Library Privileges desk (847-491-7617) for library access information.

Textbooks: Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade

The textbook collection includes a sampling of elementary and secondary school textbooks from major U.S. textbook publishers. Textbooks are shelved within broad subject areas and within each subject area alphabetically by publisher, and then by series and volume. Textbooks (location symbol curr, text) may be checked out.

K-12 Open Textbooks


OER Initiatives


Internet Resources in Curriculum

K-12 Curriculum Web Sites