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CHEM_181: Accelerated General Inorganic Chemistry Lab (Hatch)

Resources that may help you with the Soil Science Project


This guide contains resources that may be useful for writing the Soil Science Project Report. Depending on your hypothesis, you may need to find different types of information. For instance, you may be interested in the health effects Pb, the concentrations of heavy metals in the Chicago area, etc. Good sources for this type of information include journal articles, books, and US government sites.

Navigating this guide

This guide is divided into three categories:

  1. Research articles. Research articles may contain studies of toxicity, environmental or health effects of metals, concentracion of elements in certain soils, etc. Northwestern University Libraries provide access to many scientific journals and databases. See the Finding Articles tab for details specific to this project.
  2. Books. Northwestern University Library has a wide range of monographs and handbooks that could be relevant for your project. Many of those are e-books that can be downloaded. See the Finding Books tab for more information and some selected titles.
  3. Other resources. There is wealth of resources that may contain relevant information for this project, including many US government sites. The US Geological Survey, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the National Library of Medicine's TOXNET are some examples. See the Additional Resources tab for more information.

If you need help searching the literature or finding a particular resource, feel free to contact Elsa Alvaro