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DataBank: Assessment for Collection Building

STEP 1 : Analyze the Current Collection

  • To measure if or how the collection has fallen short, examine xx years of ILL reports. What titles (monographs, videos, microforms) have been borrowed at least xx times? From which journals have articles been requested at least xx times?
  • To understand the overall current strength of the monograph collection, compare the size of the collection to (a) those of other libraries and/or (b) other related collections within the library.
  • To identify the strengths and weaknesses of subfields, analyze the age of the current monograph collection.
  • Browse the shelves to get a general sense of the state of the monograph collection.
  • Request e-book user statistics by subject (ebrary, NetLibrary).
  • Obtain a list of open-order serials to review for possible format changes or cancellation.
  • To measure demand for the current e-resource collection, request user statistics.
  • To measure demand for the current monograph collection, request circulation statistics per subfield.